Customer Delight Inspired by Collective Intelligence

We are Trika. A global digital agency focused on your business transformation.


Retail commerce landscape is evolving rapidly due to outsized advancements in technology; companies competing in the industry see increasing costs in order to stay modern and attract business. Differentiated customer experience is the most critical aspect for survival in the retail industry. Technology solutions that enable retailers to quickly shift gears and allows them to stay competitive without having to completely overhaul their existing legacy systems is the most significant ask for the business.

We, at Trika Technologies, have seen the advancements first-hand over the last 22 years and believe our experiences allows us to innovate. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and providing bespoke, innovative services, we believe we can help you stay ahead of the curve!





Intent is the motivation to act. Intent is the result of decision. Conscious Intent, is the inner force that bridges between choice and action, guiding us towards what we have decided to do. Intent brings clarity, commitment and belief about what is possible. Intent springs from a place of honesty and authenticity with self and with others. With conscious intent, Trika can help you answer these important questions:

  • Do you know your customer and their constantly changing expectations?

  • How aware are you of your market segment and competition?

  • Are your sales, marketing, technology and optimization teams planning and executing towards the same business strategy?

A sound strategy is the one that constantly evolves to secure a competitive position in the market. Continuous Insight is all about using data to increase understanding of the current situation for the purpose of benefiting the business.Continuous insight empowers your business with data to remain agile and make appropriate changes. With continuous insight, Trika can help you answer these important questions:

  • Do you have access to both structured and unstructured data about your customer and business?

  • Are you able to transform your data into reports and dashboards for your teams to take appropriate actions?

  • Can you measure how successful your actionable insights are?





With conscious intent and continuous insights, we can together generate fresh perspectives and Creatively Innovate to inspire our teams and delight your customers. Innovation and transformations are no longer limited to large businesses. For all retailers, the most important step is to identify the sweet spot where the impact of innovation can be felt most significantly within a reasonable timeframe in conjunction with the desired customer experience. With Innovative solutions, Trika can help you answer these important questions:

  • Will innovation generate new revenue streams and attain new levels of profitability?

  • Will digital transformation lead to customer delight?

  • Does the new solution aid in delivering personalized customer experience?